Healthy School Lunches

Customized For Your Kid and Delivered to Your Home or School

You are the Ambassador of Your Child's Health

Organic & Non GMO Ingredients

Mornings Made Easy

Mornings can be hectic with kids. Does it seem like you are always short on time? Let us help! Bright Belly makes school lunches easy for you.  Choose which days of the week you want lunches and we'll deliver "made to order lunches" to your door the night before. 

KNOW what your kids are putting in their bodies

Bright Belly only uses Certified Organic produce, all meats and dairy are antibiotic or hormone free and most all other items we use are Organic or NON GMO products.  We offer Gluten Free and Vegetarian options as well. Click here to download a view a sample lunch menu.

Serving The Greater Conejo Valley plus Areas of The San Fernando Valley and Camarillo

Bright Belly has extended the delivery zone for the 2019/2020 School Year.  Starting in August 2019 we will offer service throughout the The Greater Conejo Valley, along with parts of the San Fernando Valley including Calabasas and Hidden Hills, and parts of Camarillo. Some restrictions may apply. Delivery Zone is subject to change at any time. Please email us if you have questions regarding our delivery area.  

How it Works

Bright Belly makes it easy for you!
Select Days

Simply select the days on our monthly lunch calendars and place your order.  There are no weekly or monthly minimums.  We offer lunches for Monday - Friday school days. 

Custom Meals

All kids are different, that's why we give you the ability to customize meals.  All meals are made to order for each child. No crust on their sandwich - no problem! We'll make it just the way they like it. Each meal typically provides you the ability to select one main item (sandwich, protein, salad, etc), one veggie, one fruit, one crunchy snack and one treat.  Substitutions available.

Eco-Friendly Lunch Box

Our lunches are delivered in Eco-Friendly reusable stainless steel lunch boxes (PlanetBoxes).  We require that you purchase the lunch box or pay a monthly box use fee.  We offer the accompanying insulated lunch bags and other merchandise at our store for purchase. 

Home & School Delivery

Home delivery lunches are delivered to the home the night before.  School delivery lunches are delivered directly to schools the day of lunch service. 

Have Questions?

To start, please visit our FAQ page. You can also call us, email us or visit us at the our shop in Thousand Oaks.


I have kids in Kindergarten and in 2nd grade. I love Bright Belly and so do they.  There are so many benefits.  It saves me time in the morning and/or night. I don't have to ever worry about having to go grocery shopping because I'm running low on items. My kids get well balanced, healthy lunches.  And since my kids go to a trash free school, the reusable lunchboxes Bright Belly uses are perfect. I highly recommend Bright Belly.

As a busy working parent, I struggle with providing lunches for my kids and had been feeling a little defeated because I knew I wasn't coming up with particularly healthy options for them (plus, we're really trying to get away from so much plastic packaging). We use a great meal service for our dinners and I had been searching for a similar company that provides kids lunches in our area. I finally came across this new-ish company (Bright Belly Meals) in Thousand Oaks that provides mostly organic kids lunches....and I think the cost is about the same as what I've been spending, if you consider my saved trips to grocery stores and what we've had to waste because we didn't use the food in time. And the convenience of fresh lunches delivered to your door just can't be beat! These lunches have been great and provide a variety of healthy options. Now I can finally feel good about what I'm feeding my kids! And I'm one happy parent!

Bright Belly is the chosen food service for my daughter's school. Not only do they provide delicious organic food options but they are also eco conscious and serve the meals in PlanetBox's. Each time my child wants to change up her weekly order, our needs have been met with great friendly service! We have been so happy with their quality food! Thank you for keeping my daughter's tummy full!

We are so happy with Bright Belly Meals.  I was sick of packing school lunches and my son does not like the cafeteria food.  
Bright Belly delivers healthy, customized lunches in a Planet Box to your door.  The lunches are delicious and varied and my son got to choose exactly what he wants in his lunch box.  We started with 2x/week and just changed it to 3x/week.  I'm sure we will be at 5x/week by the end of the school year.

The staff is accommodating and so easy to work with.  I highly recommend Bright Belly.

Bright Belly

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